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Plant-Based Mass Gainer Sample Pack

Plant-Based Mass Gainer Sample Pack

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Want to try a taste of Canada’s #1 best tasting plant-based gainer?

23g OF BCAAs & EAAs
112g CLEAN CARBS (*Chocolate Milkshake values for a full-sized serving)
Made with over 99% Canadian and American Inputs 

VEGAIN®’s Plant-Based Mass Gainer is an advanced muscle mass gainer designed for individuals looking to gain mass, build muscle or break through a current strength plateau - all without the negative side effects of whey.

With over 50% more protein per gram than the competition, clean ingredients, and a seriously delicious taste, there’s nothing holding you back from making the switch to VEGAIN®.

Do good for your body, the planet, and your peace of mind.

Directions for use:

This product is for sample purposes only. What does that mean? It’s just a taste, not a full shake.
Mix the entire contents of this pouch with 100ml of water or your favourite plant-based milk. Shake vigorously. Enjoy. Ready to get more gains? Get more info on our full-sized product here.

*This is not a full-sized serving.

Nutrition Facts



Chocolate Milkshake Nutrition Facts Table



Vanilla Cake Nutrition Facts Table

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Customer Reviews

Based on 91 reviews

I absolutely loved this vanilla cake plant based mass gainer it was absolutely delicious and tasted just like vanilla cake.

Toni Eastman
Best Customer Service Hands Down!

I was eager to try a sample of Vegain after reading about the product online. I requested the chocolate and vanilla samples, but unfortunately, they never arrived. I can't say enough about the AMAZING customer service I received from Jenn, one of the reps at Vegain. She responded to my concerns and any emails quickly and worked hard to find my order. Since it didn't arrive, she added extra samples for my trouble which she did not have to do. She also refunded my shipping. I found Vegain's commitment to their customers and potential clients' satisfaction to be exceptional. Great company! The products mixed smoothly when mixed with oat milk. I prefer the chocolate over the vanilla. Taste is to be expected- it has a very mild/subtle taste. I prefer a stronger flavour, for both, but no issue with the product. Thank you, Vegain and Jenn!

Great stuff!

Mixes easy in a shaker with no clumps, tastes good (chocolate) and no gut problems! I bought the larger tub the next day. Thanks guys!

Sarah Osagie
My go to post-workout shake!

Non-chalky, no bloating and a smooth taste. (vanilla being my fav.) will be a staple in my household. Looking forward to the upcoming gains with continued intake.

Documenting my fitness journey on Instagram: @Fyrah

Good to sample for taste

Much appreciated that samples are available to judge the taste. But seeing that samples are not the full serving I’d just recommend though developing an option to buy perhaps a 2 lbs sample to see how a full serving goes down over the course of a few days.