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BOOST Adaptogenic Mushrooms

BOOST Adaptogenic Mushrooms

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Shiitake | Maitake | Reishi | Lion’s Mane | Cordyceps

Elevate your performance with BOOST Adaptogenic Mushroom Blend.
Our unique formula combines 5 potent mushrooms specifically with athletic performance in mind. Experience naturally enhanced stamina, immune support, stress reduction, and cognitive clarity, without any synthetic or artificial ingredients.

100% Vegan Capsules
Ultra-Concentrated Formula, 25:1
Zero Fillers

SHIITAKE: Immune support, anti-inflammatory, muscle recovery and function

MAITAKE: Enhanced glucose metabolism, improved energy, stress management

REISHI: Enhanced sleep quality, immune support, stress reduction

LION’S MANE: Cognitive function, nerve health, memory, mental clarity, improved coordination and performance

CORDYCEPS: Energy, endurance, improved oxygen, utilization, increased stamina, reduced fatigue, faster recovery

60 vegan capsules per bottle

Nutrition Facts

BOOST Adaptogenic Mushrooms Nutrition Information

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Great addition to routine

I really like the high potency of this. Great product for stress reduction while intense training.

Good value

Nice that a serving is just 1 capsule per day. Lasts a long time .
Feel good