The Ultimate Fitness Holiday Gift Guide - December 2023

The Ultimate Fitness Holiday Gift Guide - December 2023

We all have one in our life - someone who just can’t get enough of fitness, moving their bodies, or achieving the next big goal. Whether you’re searching for the perfect gift for a gym-goer, avid yogi, or backcountry buff, or even yourself - we have the perfect gifts for you.

For the Home Gym Warrior

Adjustable Dumbbells: Compact and versatile, ideal for a variety of strength exercises at home.These Bowflex SelectTech Dumbells are durable, easy-to-use, and range from 5lbs all the way to 52.5lbs per dumbbell, so your equipment can keep pace with your strength gains.

Mass Gainer: More than a protein powder, Mass Gainers have high calorie and carb profiles to support muscle growth and recovery, perfect for those looking to bulk up. VEGAIN’s Plant-Based Mass Gainer has over 50% more protein per gram than every other gainer on the market, and is made entirely from North-American grown plant-based ingredients, so you can get all the bulk, without the bloating, acne or sluggishness that come with regular whey-based gainers.

High-Density Exercise Mat: Provides a stable, cushioned surface for workouts, essential for any home gym. These GXMMAT Extra-Large Exercise Mats are non-slip, 7mm thick (as opposed to the standard 5-6mm), and rip and tear resistant - to handle everything your workout has to throw at it, while keeping your floors safe and scuff-free.

Resistance Bands Set: These bands are suitable for all fitness levels and add variety to strength training. They’re the perfect, compact piece of equipment to assist pull-ups, add resistance to squats, and tone the entire body - in the home, or while travelling. This LEEKEY Resistance Band Set comes with 4 levels of resistance (Red 15 - 35 lbs ; Black 25 - 65 lbs; Purple 35 - 85 lbs;Green 50-125lbs), and is made from ultra-high quality materials - so you know you won’t be snapping any bands even during the most intensive workout. 

Photograph of a man using resistance bands for an upper body workout

For the Yoga and Pilates Enthusiast

Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat: Non-toxic and sustainable, an eco-friendly yoga mat is a must-have for any yoga or pilates enthusiast. B, Halfmoon is a Canadian & Women owned brand, dedicated to enhancing your mindful practice. Their B, Mat Strong Long is extra long for those taller-yogis (or those who just love a little extra space to stretch out), is extra-grippy to hold even the most challenging poses, and is a whopping 6mm thick for ultimate comfort (without sacrificing stability during balancing poses).

Healthy, Easy-Digesting Protein Powder: Aids in recovery and muscle maintenance, ideal for regular yoga and Pilates practitioners. VEGAIN’s V-POWER Protein is made from ultra-clean ingredients, is 100% Vegan, and is made with zero added sugar, zero artificial flavours or colours, and zero dairy, gluten, or soy. Plus it’s easy on the digestion, so they can stay light in their practice. 

Balance Ball Chair: Beyond just a balance ball, these chairs improve core strength and posture, and are a great addition to their routine - during exercise, and work-from-home! This Gaiam Backless Balance Ball Chair comes with a removable ball, so it can be used for more involved exercises and stretches, as well as fit easily into the chair when more stability is needed. It’s also designed to fit seamlessly with standard-height desks. 

For the Running and Cycling Buff

GPS Running Watch: These watches track runs and cycles, providing valuable fitness data.The Garmin Forerunner 265 is the best overall watch for the fitness enthusiast in your life, with up to 13 days of battery life, daily suggested workouts, sleep tracking, GPS, and more.

Massage Gun: These handheld massage guns help relieve pain, soothe sore muscles and speed recovery. Want the best of the best? The Theragun Elite Handheld Massage Gun is a high quality device that helps you recover faster, perform better, increase mobility and even improve sleep - plus, it feels amazing.

Shaker Bottle: Convenient for hydration and nutrition on long rides or adventures outdoors. VEGAIN’s Ultrasized 1L Shaker is made from durable BPA-Free Plastic and is large enough to fit enough shake to satisfy even the most avid runner or cyclist. 

For the Outdoor Adventurer

Hydration Backpack: Keeps them hydrated during long outdoor activities, while also providing a convenient and comfortable way to carry their phone, a snack, and other small essentials. The CamelBak Octane 16 is the perfect size to house enough gear to tackle anything the day has in store, while remaining light and durable. A mesh back-vent will ensure your back stays cool, while features like trekking pole attachments and Dual Adjust Sternum Straps means this pack is versatile enough for long- and short-treks alike.


Nutrition, Anywhere: Easy to prepare and nutrient-dense, providing high-quality plant-based protein on the go. VEGAIN’s Plant-Based Mass Gainer and V-POWER Protein are light, portable, and are creamy and delicious mixed with just water - meaning you can stay full and energised even in the deepest of backcountry.

Solar-Powered Charger: Keeps their devices charged during off-grid adventures, when no plugs are to be found. The BigBlue SolarPowa 28 is small, efficient and portable, and even works well on cloudy days - all without breaking the bank. 

For the Person Who’s Impossible to Shop For:

Gift Card: When the best gift you can give them is to pick exactly what they want. VEGAIN offers gift cards from $75 - $300, so you can make sure the fitness-lover in your life is all set this holiday season. And, as always, can benefit from VEGAIN’s 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, or their (/ your) money back.

Happy Holidays, and Cheers to your healthiest year yet.

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