PRESS RELEASE: VEGAIN Partners with Pro UFC Fighter Ian Machado Garry

PRESS RELEASE: VEGAIN Partners with Pro UFC Fighter Ian Machado Garry

We are thrilled to announce that one of the most talked-about fighters in the UFC, undefeated welterweight "The Future" Ian Machado Garry, has chosen VEGAIN as his exclusive supplements partner. We are proud to play a role is fuelling Ian's fitness, and look forward to supporting him on his journey to #1. 

VEGAIN - Fuelling The Future. 

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VEGAIN Announces Endorsement Partnership with Pro MMA Fighter Ian Machado Garry
Undefeated UFC Star Partners with Canadian Plant-Based Sports Nutrition Brand VEGAIN as his Exclusive Supplements Partner.

VEGAIN, the innovative plant-based sports nutrition brand based in Nanaimo on Vancouver Island, announces its exclusive endorsement partnership with undefeated UFC Welterweight fighter, Ian Machado Garry. This partnership marks a significant step in promoting plant-based nutrition in elite sports.

Ian Machado Garry, known for his achievements in the UFC Welterweight division and his vegan diet, has chosen VEGAIN as his exclusive supplements partner. Garry's commitment to a plant-based lifestyle for optimal performance aligns with VEGAIN's mission to provide high-quality, eco-conscious plant-based supplements.

"I'm thrilled to partner with VEGAIN," Garry said. “Choosing a plant-based diet was strategic for keeping my body in top condition. VEGAIN’s supplements support this choice by helping me train harder, recover faster, and perform better."

VEGAIN offers products like the Plant-Based Mass Gainer and V-POWER Plant-Based Protein, crucial in Garry's training and recovery. They emphasize high-quality natural ingredients and a great taste experience.

VEGAIN co-founders Melissa L’Heureux-Haché and Edan Wolk comment;

"As an independent brand with a deep passion for fitness, partnering with Ian feels like a natural fit," said Melissa. "Ian embodies the spirit of what VEGAIN stands for – excellence, innovation, and a dedication to being the best. We couldn't be more excited about this partnership and the message it sends about the power of plant-based nutrition in professional sports."

Edan adds, “Ian truly is ‘The Future’ of MMA and proves that being the World’s best can absolutely be achieved on a plant-based diet. Our mission is to provide athletes with the cleanest, most effective products possible, that are better for their performance, the planet, and their health.”

VEGAIN's collaboration with Ian Machado Garry is more than a partnership; it's a shared mission to challenge the status quo in sports nutrition and showcase plant-based supplements' role in peak athletic performance.

For more information about VEGAIN and their products, visit or follow @VEGAIN.CA on social media. For updates on Ian Machado Garry's journey with VEGAIN, follow @IanGarry on Instagram.


VEGAIN is a plant-based sports nutrition brand, dedicated to providing effective, sustainable plant-based supplements. Based in Nanaimo, Canada, VEGAIN is an independent company, committed to supporting athletes and fitness enthusiasts in achieving their goals without compromising on health or environmental values.

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